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11/03/2017   –   11/13/17

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1. We will verify that all guns on your loyalty card were purchased buy you or a family member with the same physical address on the 4473 form.

2. 25% off any gun, new or used that we own. Excludes consignment guns.

3. Consignment guns are included in the 5 purchased guns.


Full 1000 round cases of 115gr FMJ Brass Case 9mm only 189.95

Plenty in stock



Sig P238 .380acp Extreme only 549.95


Sig Sauer P320c 9mm $599.95 with safety 




FNX45 Tactical with Vortex Optic

Buy a FNX-45 Tactical and get a free Vortex Red Dot Sight from FN

M-Pro7 Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit

with the Leatherman MUT $239.95 


Kriss Vector Gen2 9mm Glock

Battle Grey, FDE, and Black in stock $1499.95 


HighPoint 995 9mm Carbine


Sig 9mm and 45acp Sig Sauer 1911 3in Ultra


SW 442 38spcl Performance Center only $499.95

Sig Sauer P220 Custom


Smith and Wesson MP15-22 only $369.95

10 round -fixed stock version 


Remington 12ga Shotgun Sale


Remington 1100 Black Synthetic $499.95


Remington 11-87 walnut stock


Remington New V3 Model Black Synthetic  


 Remington New V3 Mossy Oak Shadow Grass




Springfield Armory 1911’s and XD’s in 9mm and 45. Full Size and compact!

We have Black and FDE/Black 

We are heavily stocked on Springfield


Remington 9mm 115grain FMJ Brass case of 500 rounds $99.95


Federal 223 500 round case 169.95 




 Mossberg Plinkster 702 for only $139.95 while supplies last. List price $190.00



Click Here to learn more and apply online!



Walther PPS in 9mm on Special  $399.95  

Just received some new AR upper receivers with full length KeyMod rails, complete with bolt
Just received an order of
We have a ton of new inventory, take a look around. We have over 30 new additions to our used inventory.


Some Great Sig Sauer Deals

Sig P238 with 2 mags 6 and 7 round,Comes with Black grips and Green Pearl like grips. $529.95







Ruger 10/22 Kryptec Stock with SS Barrel only $299.95    

MA Complaint Smith and Wesson Shield 45’s in stock with and without safety.
9mm and 40cal

L.E. Shield 9,40,45’s in stock – rebates apply to LE guns as well!


Smith and Wesson and Ruger Packages


  • 1 SW Shield 9mm with or without safety $369.95
    2 SW Shield 9mm Package 1 $419.95
       Includes 100 pack of Winchester brass ammo  and a spare extended mag.
    3 SW Shield 9mm Package 2 $469.95 
       Includes 200 rounds of Winchester brass 9mm,    spare extended magazine, sticky IWB holster,    Sig Sauer 9mm Hollow Point ammo.


    4 SW Shield 40 with or without safety $369.95

    5 SW Bodyguard380 with laser $349.95

    6 SW Bodyguard380 with laser Package 1 $399.95
    Includes 100 rounds range ammo and spare mag

    7 SW Bodyguard380 with laser Package 2 $439.95
    Includes 100 rounds range ammo and spare mag
    sticky holster IWB, Sig Sauer 380 hollow point

    8 SW Bodyguard 380 no laser $289.95

    9 SW Bodyguard 380 no laser package 1 $339.95
    Includes 100 rounds of range ammo and spare


    Includes 100 rounds of range ammo, spare   mag,Sig Sauer Hollow

         Point   Ammo, Sticky Holster $379.95

11 Ruger SR-22 Black $319.95    or 4.5 in barrel 339.95 
   12 Ruger SR-22 Black standard s  with  500 bulk box Armscor $339.95

 13 Ruger SR9C Black or S.S.  $409.95    
14 Ruger SR9C Black or S.S.  Bundle $499.95
      Includes 200 Rounds of Winchester 9mm brass      20 rounds of Sig Sauer Hollow Point, Sticky       Holster IWB, 9mm Cleaning Kit

 15 Ruger SR40C Black or S.S. Bundle $519.95      Includes 200 Rounds of Wincehster 40cal brass      20 rounds of Sig Sauer Hollow Point,  Sticky      Holster IWB, 40mm Cleaning Kit  

16 Ruger LC9s Black $319.95 Tiffany Blue $339.95  Purple $339.95
Add 100 rounds of Winchester Brass ammo and a spare mag for $50
Add 200 rounds of Winchester brass ammo, 7 round spare mag, cleaning kit, Sig Hollow Point ammo for $100 

Check Out our used inventory online, updated weekly.